Milk Flud- What is Trip Hop?

This is an artist that popped up in my Spotify, and I just knew I had to write about his music. His music falls into a cool category known as “Trip Hop,” which is an electronic take on an old school Hip Hop beat/sound. Trip Hop has roots in the UK, and it is as chill as it sounds. This could either be the kind of music you bob your head along to while cruising down the street, or the music you listen to while you’re laying in bed staring at the ceiling. It all depends on the mood of the song and what kind of Trip Hop it is. Milk has a really wide range in his music as some of it has Jazzy/Bluesy elements to it (Wet Glass), whereas some of his other songs have more of an emotional feel (Regret). He is a Los Angeles based musician with a cool sort of lo fi sound that you can really vibe with in any scene. I like to listen to him when I’m cruising on a longboard because his music really helps me find my inner peace/ makes me feel like I’m in a cool Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. Seriously, those games always had the best music… Anyway check out some of Milk’s stuff below and enjoy!


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