Tank and the Bangas- A Ray of Light in Dark Times

I was introduced to Tank and the Bangas in the most unexpected way; I was half awake at 4am after a long, disappointing songwriting session looking through Youtube for any new artists I’d yet to encounter. I tend to find the artists that resonate with me the longest when I stumble upon them in this manner. Thats when I saw it, that NPR video that made its way to my notifications box… they just posted a new Tiny Desk. Now if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching an NPR Tiny Desk concert, you’ve got an interesting ride ahead of you my fellow enthusiast. Now I’ve seen a lot of my favorite artists on Tiny Desk, and its an incredible setting to see artists stripped down to the parts of the music that really matter. I’m so glad that this was my first experience with Tank and the Bangas, because their Tiny Desk Concert was truly one of the most memorable I’ve seen (Tank and the Bangas Tiny Desk). The performance that really struck a chord with me was the emotional rendition of “Rollercoasters” dedicated to Jazzland, a theme park that was shut down after damage from hurricane Katrina. The significance of this song is that it really does bring to light that there are parts of New Orleans that never truly recovered after the storm. It was easy for America to just sort of move onto the next thing because in this world, it seems that tragedies are never ending and we just keep throwing a bit of money at each one. Artists like this are so necessary, especially in the times we are in because they aren’t afraid to speak their truth. Now this band is made up of so many incredible musicians, it’s hard to pin the success on any one individual, but I will say the first thing you notice about this group is Tarriona Ball’s character and flow. As the lead vocalist of the group, she stands as the face of the songs and she does an incredible job of flowing through this poetic, R&B experience. This is the kind of music that makes listeners really hear the lyrics and understand the significance of the words in a song. I’ve always preferred music with more of a lyrical focus, so its safe to say that this is right up my alley. Now, a bit more of a background on Tank and the Bangas: they are an up and coming band from New Orleans that are taking the music world by storm with their new, unique sound. It is truly incredible what these artists have already shown in such a short time, and I’m excited to see what comes for them.

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The Live Show: Social Distortion

Seeing as my birthday just passed, it is only natural that I’d have to go see a live show in honor of the occasion. I was stoked to find out that my friend Pete bought a couple of tickets to the Social Distortion show on March 7th at the Majestic Theater in Ventura, CA. Initially walking into this theater, it looks like a beautifully classic opera house, but as soon as I looked into the crowd of Social D. fans, I knew the night was gonna get buck wild.

Here’s a view of some of the interior in the theater:
Social D_-2

So I was standing waiting for the show to start, and it was crazy how quickly the theater started filling with a sea of leather jackets and black and white t-shirts. It came time for the opener, Jade Jackson who is releasing a new album “Gilded” on May 19th. Jackson’s music has a nice Folky, bluesy sound that was carried out with the soulful tone in her voice. Her band was excellent with the sound being a more warm, soothing experience which I truly appreciated. Jackson’s music definitely can put you in the greatest mood, or help you get through some tough times, so give her a listen. (One of my favorites)

Social D_-3

Jade Jackson performing “Finish Line

After Jackson’s great opening, they started to take away her equipment and it exposed the iconic setup otherwise known as Mike Ness’ living room. The different trinkets and toys really piqued a lot of peoples interest and showed the sense of humor that these guys had developed after decades of being together. After a short intermission, the Ramones’ Blitzkrieg Bop started to play out over the speakers and the crowd started to chant along “Hey ho, lets go!” until the lights went down and the Social Distortion banner came down. The crowd started to go wild and the band came out onto the stage like a whirlwind and immediately went into playing.

Social D_-4

They opened up with “Bye Bye Baby,” so the crowd went right into pushing and moshing around, it was incredible. It got to the point where I couldn’t even keep track of my friend Pete anymore because we were pushing our way in the crowd and really getting into the music. I definitely broke a sweat at this show, and I’m glad to say I survived a mosh pit along with being pushed around in a crowd of some of the biggest human beings I’ve ever encountered. The show was such a cool experience, because I was able to see how talented musicians can truly become. I felt such nostalgia because Social Distortion is one of those bands that reminds me of simpler times when my dad used to pick me up from school and he’d be listening to his favorite rock station on the radio. Social Distortion was a big part of my childhood, so seeing them perform (especially with three encores) was a dream come true. I will say I did need a couple of days recovering from the concert physically due to all of the pushing/punching, but it was the best kind of pain. Its the greatest workout I’ve had all year! I would recommend this concert to anyone that loves a lively crowd with some classic tunes. I know I’m making the crowd sound really crazy and possibly scary, but its all about having a good time and good vibes so it is a comfortable experience. There are definitely some mosh pits out there that aren’t as accepting as this one, so know your crowd so you can be entirely ready to enjoy the show. At the end of the day, this concert gave me an unforgettable birthday and it fulfilled a childhood dream of mine.

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Milk Flud- What is Trip Hop?

This is an artist that popped up in my Spotify, and I just knew I had to write about his music. His music falls into a cool category known as “Trip Hop,” which is an electronic take on an old school Hip Hop beat/sound. Trip Hop has roots in the UK, and it is as chill as it sounds. This could either be the kind of music you bob your head along to while cruising down the street, or the music you listen to while you’re laying in bed staring at the ceiling. It all depends on the mood of the song and what kind of Trip Hop it is. Milk has a really wide range in his music as some of it has Jazzy/Bluesy elements to it (Wet Glass), whereas some of his other songs have more of an emotional feel (Regret). He is a Los Angeles based musician with a cool sort of lo fi sound that you can really vibe with in any scene. I like to listen to him when I’m cruising on a longboard because his music really helps me find my inner peace/ makes me feel like I’m in a cool Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. Seriously, those games always had the best music… Anyway check out some of Milk’s stuff below and enjoy!


February- A Month of Lovers and Broken Hearts

songsoffeb.pngI understand this is a little bit of a stretch to read so I’ll type the list as well 🙂

  1. History Eraser- Courtney Barnett
  2. City of Stars- Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone
  3. Night Ride- The Growlers
  4. My Kind of Woman- Mac Demarco
  5. Deeper Than Love- Colleen Green
  6. Alaska- Maggie Rogers
  7. Stay for a While- Gibbz
  8. Do You Wanna Live?- Los Porcos
  9. How Would You Feel (Paean)- Ed Sheeran
  10. Can’t Get Enough of Myself (feat. B.C.)- Santigold
  11. Sway- Anna of the North
  12. Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl- Wet
  13. Rescue- Alysha Brilla
  14. Island- My Bubba
  15. The Keys- Matt Duncan
  16. Rillo Talk- Wild Child
  17. 70s 80s- Nightmares on Wax
  18. Issues- Julia Michaels
  19. Touch Me I’m Going to Scream pt.2- My Morning Jacket
  20. An Illustration of Lonliness- Courtney Barnett
  21. Catamaran- Allah-Las
  22. Young- Frankie Cosmos
  23. Free Weed- Free Weed
  24. Lucy the Tease- Allan Rayman
  25. Clay Pigeons- Michael Cera

Maggie Rogers- An Artist to Watch

Well for starters, Maggie Rogers is a 1994 baby like myself, so thats great… that makes me smile. Maggie Rogers is a new type of artist that has a style unlike any that I’ve heard before. She unleashes your inner wanderer with her cool, moving beats that have elements of nature in them. Her songs make you feel like you’re dancing around a campfire on a hippie nature quest you went on to find yourself. These songs awaken that part of you that wants to throw your phone in the ocean and live life off of the grid. Honestly, I’ve looked into finding a secluded cabin in the woods to live in, but let’s just say Craigslist is pretty scarce when it comes to finding an introvert’s paradise. I guess I’ll just have to stick to renting out shitty rooms by my school for now. Ok, back to the matter at hand here: Maggie Rogers. Her music really took off after her song “Alaska” was played for Pharell at an NYU master class (Pharrell NYU Master Class). Her songs are a great blend of folk with a little hint of pop. Her sound is definitely something the music world has been craving. Here’s her new EP:


A little fun fact about Maggie Rogers as well, she started out doing folk music with her main instrument being the banjo. That explains why her acoustic session of her single “Alaska” just sounds so right (Maggie Rogers Acoustic). She is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for.

Welcome to The Head!

Hey, welcome to The Head everybody! This is a spot for music lovers of all ages to find some new tunes to listen to and find out about some artists that I love! This is also a place for you to share your music with me and I can write about it! Music is a community and the more positivity that surrounds it, the better off we’ll be. Music has always been a love of mine, so I decided to start keeping an online music journal of all of my favorite songs and artists that I could share with others. Theres no such thing as bad music, and with an open mind, any song could change your life. I look forward to putting out some cool tunes that help me get through my life! Thanks for reading, and feel free to send me anything you’d like me to write about!